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Neighbour benefits.

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Staying with YAYS, you automatically benefit from a range of exclusive deals with our neighbours.


Their stories, their work and passion, and their ability to welcome the world to their corner of the city, are what make our neighbourhoods so specials. Add more fun & value to your stay and discover hidden treasures and places where the local crowd hangs out.


That’s what we call neighbours with benefits!

    what’s included :
  • Discounts & Value Add-ons
  • Exclusively for YAYS guests
YAYS Neighbours, Couqou YAYS Neighbours, FOAM YAYS Neighbour, Walter Benedict

discover the benefits in your city.

  • Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam Prince Island by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Salthouse Canal
  • Amsterdam North by YAYS
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Docklands
  • Amsterdam Oosterpark by YAYS
  • Amsterdam East by YAYS
  • Antwerp.
  • YAYS Antwerp Opera
  • Paris.
  • Paris Eiffel by YAYS
  • YAYS Paris Issy
  • The Hague.
  • YAYS The Hague Willemspark