awards & recognitions.

As a renowned hospitality company providing unique serviced apartments in Europe's vibrant cities, our commitment to exceptional accommodation services has earned us numerous awards, including Traveller Review Awards and Best Property Award at the Serviced Apartment Awards. This page highlights our various accolades, reflecting our dedication to creating exceptional guest experiences.

Traveller Review Awards.

Various YAYS locations winning Traveller Review Awards every year is a testament to our exceptional hospitality services. These awards reflect our dedication to providing the finest accommodation and we are honored to receive recognition based on guest reviews that highlight the quality of our offerings.

EURA Membership.

As a member of EURA, YAYS is part of a network of industry leaders working to promote the growth of serviced apartments in Europe. Such membership is essential for organisations active in the field of global mobility since it is a great way to share best practices, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and collaborate with other leading companies in order to offer high quality products.

ASAP Membership.

YAYS is also a member of ASAP, the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, and as such, collaborates with other companies to promote and drive growth in the sector. Being an ASAP member provides YAYS with valuable resources such as industry research, training, and networking opportunities.

Serviced Apartment Awards.

Winning Serviced Apartment Awards is a significant achievement for YAYS, as it recognizes our commitment to providing exceptional accommodation to our guests. These awards are given based on a range of criteria, including guest experience, design and innovation, sustainability, and overall quality. Winning these awards also helps to build trust and confidence among potential guests, who can be reassured of the high standards they can expect when booking with YAYS.


Winning an honorable mention from awwwards, one of the world’s most prestigious web design and development competitions, is a significant achievement for It means that the website has met high standards of creativity, functionality, usability, and user experience.

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  • Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam Prince Island by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Salthouse Canal
  • Amsterdam North by YAYS
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Docklands
  • Amsterdam Oosterpark by YAYS
  • Amsterdam East by YAYS
  • Antwerp.
  • YAYS Antwerp Opera
  • Paris.
  • Paris Eiffel by YAYS
  • YAYS Paris Issy
  • The Hague.
  • YAYS The Hague Willemspark