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The Hague
The Hague .
The Hague is known to the world as the international city of peace and justice, and the institutional capital of The Netherlands. Home to royalty, to the Dutch Parliament, and hundreds of international organisations, The Hague has a diplomatic allure that makes it stand out from the more folksy Dutch cities. But locals know that this sophisticated seaside city, less than an hour from Amsterdam, possesses more faces than one of Escher’s optical illusions (the reference is not accidental). Behind the elegance of its splendid architecture, its grand avenues and lush parks, The Hague hides an effervescent side that makes it a thrilling destination for anyone. A stay in The Hague can feel like a day at the beach, a deep dive into art and culture, and a foodie escape, all at the same time! And it all begins with your YAYS apartment in The Hague.


  • Cycle from the Royal Palace to Scheveningen beach in just 15 minutes
  • A flourishing foodie scene with international flair
  • Regal elegance blended with typical Dutch refinement
  • Renowned museums and alternative shopping opportunities

The Hague.

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Old Town

Smart and sedate, the Old Town neighbourhood is one of winding streets crammed with charming cafés and boutiques, and open, leafy avenues flanked by 19th-century villas. Find out more about your neighbourhood in The Hague!

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YAYS The Hague Willemspark

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Old Town

Opened in the spring of 2021, YAYS Willemspark occupies an enviable position within walking distance of both the Central Station and the city centre.

Sleeps up to 6

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