Neighbourhood Experiences deal.

When adding a YAYS Neighbourhood Experience to your stay at YAYS, you are sure to spice up your stay in town with deals and activities that you won’t find elsewhere. Inspired by the knowledge of our YAYS Insiders and co-created with local experts, small businesses and unusual guides, these exclusive experiences will take you off-the-beaten-track and deep into the neighbourhood.

What’s more, booking a Neighbourhood Experience grants you a 25% discount on the price of your stay.  
Each of our destinations comes with its own unique Neighbourhood Experiences, carefully curated to showcase its distinctive character and meet a range of interests. 
Find out what’s available in your YAYS neighbourhood this season! 

  • unique experiences in each neighbourhood
  • 25% off the price of your stay
  • fully equipped apartment
  • explore cities with this offer


    Amsterdam has everything any urban explorer could ever dream of. But you won’t find half of this in your standard guidebook! Book your YAYS apartment in Amsterdam and we’ll help you to really unlock the neighbourhood.

    The Hague

    Behind the elegance of its splendid architecture, its grand avenues and lush parks, The Hague hides an effervescent side that makes it a thrilling destination for anyone.