YAYS Long Stay

Long stay deal.

Short getaways are a great way to take a break, but isn’t it a shame to have to leave just when you were starting to feel like a local? Stay a little longer and unlock more chances to enjoy everything the neighbourhood has to offer, for a smaller rate!  


At YAYS, you’ll find endless reasons to connect with the local vibe, starting with a welcoming long-stay rate for those who want to make more time to get local in Amsterdam, Antwerp, The Hague and Paris.

  • Up to 35% off your stay
  • Fully equipped apartment
  • 24/7 access to a YAYS Insider ready to assist you
  • Housekeeping service, with weekly cleaning included extra cleaning available
  • YAYS Neighbourhood Guide
  • explore cities with this offer


    One of the hottest creative hubs in Europe, a rising star in the fashion and design industries, and a source of inspiration for over a million visitors every year. Your YAYS apartment in Antwerp will place you right at the centre of this vibrant city.


    Amsterdam has everything any urban explorer could ever dream of. But you won’t find half of this in your standard guidebook! Book your YAYS apartment in Amsterdam and we’ll help you to really unlock the neighbourhood.


    A deep dive into limitless art, culture and history. French cuisine …need we say more? Endless shopping opportunities, from haute couture to flea markets. Book your YAYS apartment in Paris and we'll help you unlock the neighbourhood.

    The Hague

    Behind the elegance of its splendid architecture, its grand avenues and lush parks, The Hague hides an effervescent side that makes it a thrilling destination for anyone.

    • Amsterdam.
    • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
    • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
    • Amsterdam Prince Island by YAYS
    • YAYS Amsterdam Salthouse Canal
    • Amsterdam North by YAYS
    • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
    • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
    • Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS
    • YAYS Amsterdam Docklands
    • Amsterdam Oosterpark by YAYS
    • Amsterdam East by YAYS
    • Antwerp.
    • YAYS Antwerp Opera
    • Paris.
    • Paris Eiffel by YAYS
    • YAYS Paris Issy
    • The Hague.
    • YAYS The Hague Willemspark