/ YAYS wins Serviced Apartment Awards for The Crane by YAYS and YAYS Paris Issy

YAYS wins Serviced Apartment Awards for The Crane by YAYS and YAYS Paris Issy.

Amsterdam, 19 May 2023 – YAYS has been chosen as Best Property 1 to 20 Units and Best Property 21 to 70 Units at the Serviced Apartment Awards on Thursday 18 May in London. The YAYS team received the awards during the festive ceremony in London.

Zachary Schwartz – Chief Executive Officer of YAYS Group: “This win(s) is testament to the talent and dynamism of the growing YAYS team who always put hospitality first. We aim to continue to deliver exceptional guest experiences at The Crane by YAYS and YAYS Paris Issy while driving forward with our exciting expansion plans.”

The Serviced Apartment Awards 2023 are the first and only awards for and by the international sector of serviced apartments, aparthotels, long and short-term rentals. YAYS was nominated in a total of five categories, specifically:

• Best Operator 201+ Units: YAYS Group
• Best Property 1 to 20 Units: Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS
• Best Property 21 to 70 Units: YAYS Paris Issy
• Best Property 71+ Units: YAYS Antwerp Opera
• Best Interior Design: YAYS Design Lab

Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS: Best Property 1 to 20 Units

YAYS has won the Best property 1 – 20 units award with the location Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS. Situated in a beautifully restored historical harbour crane, this three-story serviced apartment offers an exceptional guest experience. The crane, originally built in 1957, holds a significant place in Dutch history and architecture. YAYS collaborated with the municipality of Amsterdam and Monumentenzorg to carefully renovate the crane, preserving its unique character and charm. The interior, expertly designed by the renowned Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, seamlessly blends history, design, and architecture.

Guests can enjoy modern comforts while immersing themselves in the rich heritage of the crane. It features modern design, comfort, and stunning views of the IJ River, attracting visitors seeking a unique stay. Guests can also enjoy luxurious amenities, discover preserved historical items in a special time capsule, and receive personalized recommendations from the friendly YAYS Insiders. With a perfect rating in 2022 and excellent reviews on popular platforms like and Airbnb, The Crane appeals to curious travellers in search of remarkable experiences.

YAYS Paris Issy: Best Property 21 to 70 Units

YAYS has won the Best property 21 -70 units award with the location YAYS Paris Issy. This aparthotel is located in the greenest part of the city, between extensive public parks and only a 10-minute walk from the historic centre. The hotel offers 38 designer apartments with fully equipped kitchens, secure parking and a beautiful shared roof terrace with views of the Eiffel Tower. What makes YAYS Paris Issy truly special is its rich cinematic history. The building itself was once a hub for film strip development during France’s thriving movie industry. This unique heritage is celebrated throughout the apartments with captivating images of famous French actors and actresses, immersing guests in the enchanting world of French cinema.

Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS, Bedroom Entrance