/ YAYS Antwerp Opera is opening its doors today

YAYS Antwerp Opera is opening its doors today.

With the latest YAYS addition, the city of Antwerp will be in bloom this spring

YAYS Antwerp Opera is opening its doors today in the Diamond District. A bright spring has sprung and a new innovative YAYS property has opened in Antwerp. Antwerp is, after The Hague, Amsterdam and Paris, the fourth city where the characteristic aparthotels of YAYS have opened. This vibrant city is known for its monumental and historic buildings, but it is also the city of architecture, fashion and design. YAYS Antwerp Opera, located in the heart of Antwerp, is an ideal choice for a pleasant business trip or leisure stay.

Zachary Schwartz – CEO YAYS group: “We are proud that YAYS Antwerp Opera is opening! We have used the periods of the lockdown to reshape our core values and strategy and we are delighted to open our newest addition with high energy. The future looks bright for YAYS: we will continue to expand into more beautiful cities in Europe with the YAYS concept. Stay tuned”.

The versatile Diamond District neighbourhood in the heart of Antwerp

The characteristic building is located on the Frankrijklei in the Diamond District. The Diamond District is a living reminder of Antwerp’s history as the diamond capital of the world. The Flemish city has been known for diamond trading and polishing since the 15th century. But in the Diamond District there is much more to do than buying shiny stones: the unique museums, leading restaurants and the Flemish Opera are all within walking distance. From YAYS Antwerp Opera you can also dive straight into Antwerp’s nightlife.


Art nouveau style with a twist

The YAYS Antwerp Opera building on the Frankrijklei used to be an office building for an insurance company, but now it has been carefully transformed into 94 spacious and stylish apartments. On the exterior, the windows protrude a little and this gives the building that unique touch. The interior of the apartments features an art nouveau style but with a playful twist, and the history of the Diamond District is reflected in the details and furnishings of the apartments.  

unlock the neighbourhood’ and tips from the locals.

The local character plays an important role at all YAYS locations. For Antwerp as well, YAYS has partnered up with local entrepreneurs. In the lobby, or as YAYS calls it, the home base you can find the YAYS Neighbourhood Wall where various tips and novelties from YAYS’ neighbours can be found. In addition, the YAYS Neighbourhood Guide provides inspiration about the often still unknown places and businesses. With the motto unlock the neighbourhood, the YAYS insiders, who work at YAYS, make sure that guests discover the hidden gems with their tips and local network. The insiders share their best and personal tips: from the local cafés, that one quiet spot in town, to the least touristy and most inspiring activities. With self-designed YAYS Itineraries; self-guided walks and runs, YAYS makes a stay extra memorable. The routes are mapped out by the YAYS insiders and promise a real surprise.

YAYS Antwerp Opera One-bedroom apartment