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/ Visiting Amsterdam with kids: an influencer’s guide

Visiting Amsterdam with kids: an influencer’s guide.

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Karen AKA Travel Mad Mum

On our weekend holiday to Amsterdam, we found what a fantastic family destination it truly is. There are loads of fantastic things to do with children in Amsterdam and everywhere you look you’ll see kids riding around in the front of their parent’s bikes!

We predominantly focused on the neighbourhood around our Prince Island by YAYS apartment when it came to finding the best things to do with children in Amsterdam, there was so much right on our doorstep, and it was just ten minutes from the centre.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam with Children.

We stayed at Prince Island by YAYS, which is just a ten-minute walk from Central Station. The apartments were really ideal for a family stay in terms of location and meeting all the wants and needs of a travelling family.

The apartment had floor-to-ceiling glass windows so we could just sit back and enjoy the views of the canal and other houseboats. A fully equipped kitchen, complete with all parenting essentials such as a coffee machine and a nice lounge area to chill out when the kids were asleep completed the picture. Being able to cook dinner in the apartment mosts nights was a really big help for keeping the trip budget-friendly.

Amsterdam Prince Island by YAYS

Location, location, location

When you are travelling with children, convenience is key. There is a supermarket that is just a five-minute walk from the apartment that had everything we needed.

Just outside the apartment, a small playground and a petting farm with loads of animals provided all the entertainment needed. The apartment is on a quiet part of the canal, so we got to enjoy the sunset from our balcony.

We just loved the ethos of YAYS! They aim to get visitors exploring the local neighbourhood and have a very different and more localised tourist map than the usual ones. Their YAYS Neighbourhood Guide was fantastic for choosing cafes and activities locally. It’s so nice to feel like you really get to experience the local community in a city that is such a popular tourist destination.

NEMO Science Museum

One of the best Amsterdam kids activities has to be the Nemo Science Museum. We spent our first morning exploring multi-floor interactive heaven. They have experiments suitable for all ages. It was one of the best kids museums we’ve ever been to. Our daughter’s favourite area was the electricity and gravity area, whilst our toddler boy’s favourite was the water mechanics.

The museum has plenty of cafes and restaurants where parents can chill and have a coffee. The rooftop restaurant was especially great; the food was really good and not too expensive.

Boat Trip on the Canals

The Amsterdam canals run right through the city in a semi-circle network of waterways from which you can experience a new perspective of the city. Boat tours of the canals are one of the most popular and highly recommended things to do with children in Amsterdam.

We explored the canals with an electric rental boat and got to captain our own canal adventure. It was great to be able to explore at our own pace and bring a small picnic to enjoy along the way.


Westerpark is a family-friendly park in Amsterdam that was just a few minutes away from our by YAYS apartment by bike. The park has lovely cafes, restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours.

There were also two play areas that the kids really enjoyed and a market. The market was selling vintage clothing and food. It was a really cool place to spend the afternoon, with DJ’s, people dancing and having a great time! We found Westerpark to be a really fantastic place to explore!

Petting Farm

Another great reason to base yourself at Prince Island by YAYS is that it’s next door to a little farm. The kids absolutely loved getting to see sheep, goats and pigs hanging out next to a canal. Entry to the petting farm is free and the animals were friendly and not at all frightened by the kids. The farm also has a small playground, ideal for little ones.

We found Amsterdam to be a really fun and kid-friendly destination and we thought it was perfect for a weekend break!

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Karen AKA Travel Mad Mum

Winner of the UK’s Travel Blog of the year, Karen provides top tips and factual information on destinations and travel products, as well as general lifestyle and parenting, on her blog Travel Mad Mum.  You can follow Karen and her family on Instagram.

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