/ Taste the authentic spirit of the neighbourhood with YAYS

Taste the authentic spirit of the neighbourhood with YAYS.

YAYS Group introduces the new YAYS Neighbourhood Experiences. A visit to the aparthotels of YAYS is more than just an overnight stay. YAYS insiders welcome you during your visit and help you discover the neighbourhood to feel like a true local. Explore the city actively with the YAYS Itineraries; the self-guided Walking, -and Running routes and benefit from exclusive extras at various local businesses with the Neighbours with Benefits. The YAYS Neighbourhood Experiences take you off the beaten track. Get a taste of the authentic spirit of the neighbourhood.

Local knowledge

At each location the YAYS insiders are there to welcome you and share the best local tips with you. Being locals, YAYS insiders know how to find the hidden gems in the city. Thanks to them you will feel like a real local in the city.

Taste the spirit of the neighbourhood at its best

Every city and neighbourhood where YAYS is located has something unique. The YAYS Neighbourhood Experiences have therefore been carefully composed, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of each location. The experiences are built up through the knowledge of the YAYS insiders and in cooperation with local businesses; they take you off the beaten track, to places you wouldn’t normally go. This way you can optimally taste the authentic spirit of each location.

Experience the YAYS Experiences

Discover the hidden treasures of the neighbourhood through an experience. See below for a list of the experiences:

  • The self-guided Walking routes take you on a journey to the unique places of the neighbourhood. Scan the QR code and the route will take you past hidden gems in the fields of food & drink, shops, arts & crafts, and wellness & beauty.
  • With self-guided Running routes, you discover the city in an active way. This also works by means of a QR code. Will you choose the 5 km or 9 km route? Whatever distance you choose, the route will take you past the hidden places of the city and whilst working on your fitness.
  • Neighbours with Benefits: these are partnerships with local businesses and add more value and pleasure to the stay of YAYS guests by giving them a little extra. By partnering up with local businesses in each location, guests are able to benefit from exclusice deals with local neighbours. In doing so, YAYS focuses on the lesser known attractions and small business owners, allowing tourism to have a positive impact on the city.

Trendy locations for the summer

YAYS locations are ideal for short- and long stays this summer. The aparthotels and serviced apartments of YAYS are situated in trendy locations in four cities: The Hague, Amsterdam, Paris and recently Antwerp. YAYS can be found in the most unique neighbourhoods of these trendy cities. Visit the locations in Amsterdam for the vibrant city life, walk through the dunes of The Hague, feel like a true Parisian or visit the newest addition YAYS Antwerp Opera.

  • Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam Prince Island by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Salthouse Canal
  • Amsterdam North by YAYS
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Maritime
  • Amsterdam The Crane by YAYS
  • YAYS Amsterdam Docklands
  • Amsterdam Oosterpark by YAYS
  • Amsterdam East by YAYS
  • Antwerp.
  • YAYS Antwerp Opera
  • Paris.
  • Paris Eiffel by YAYS
  • YAYS Paris Issy
  • The Hague.
  • YAYS The Hague Willemspark