Antwerpen .
You may remember her from History class. During the Middle Ages, Antwerp was one of the most influential centres in Western Europe, thanks to its position on the estuary of the Scheldt. The finest goods exchanged on the continent flowed in and out via this trading port. With such heritage, and being the birthplace of masters of the Flemish Baroque like Rubens and Van Dyck, the city shines with historic charm, gothic churches teeming with masterpieces and monumental landmarks overlooking quaint little streets. A noticeable tradition of creativity and cultural fusion lives on, ingrained within the character of the city. Zaha Hadid’s Port House elegantly symbolises the innovative spirit that makes Antwerp one of the hottest creative hubs in Europe, a rising star in the fashion and design industries, and a source of inspiration for over a million visitors every year. Your YAYS apartment in Antwerp will place you right at the centre of this vibrant city.




  • Mixing old town vibes with a progressive art and design scene
  • Largely unexplored local beauties, room for real urban discovery
  • Perfect to explore on foot, with its village vibes and cozy cafes
  • A shopping paradise, for design-lovers as well as market-goers



opening this winter.